Saskatchewan Electoral Region

The Saskatchewan region will elect one Councillor.  

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    Jaron Francis

    Jaron Francis

    Jaron Francis

    There’s significant learning involved before one’s capable of the actual work of being a Councillor, and having served before I’d be able to hit the ground running. Also, because of both Covid-19 and the social reordering our industry is undergoing, Saskatchewan’s membership would benefit from an experienced Councillor. But most importantly, I’ve had some troubling interactions recently as a member of the Saskatchewan theatre community, interactions in which better outcomes might have resulted had people involved not been afraid to be honest. I’m not afraid to speak up, I’m not afraid to be proven wrong, and what I offer will never be tailored by fear. I endeavor that way because I believe it stands the best chance of conjuring what ought to happen.

    Some causes I hope to support in our region: meeting goals that are about representation rather than appeasement; combating the acceptability of ostracism; promoting a communication standard built on truth and openness; enhancing the Association’s abilities as a body that serves; improving the Association’s accessibility and utility to membership.