Saskatchewan Electoral Region

The Saskatchewan region will elect one Councillor.  

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    Kenn McLeod

    Kenn McLeod

    Kenn McLeod

    I have been professionally involved in Saskatchewan theatre for 20 years, working at all of the regional theatres and a majority of the rural ones. I lived in both Regina and Saskatoon, with knowledge of the specific needs of each. I have been a performer, director, independent producer, artistic director, program coordinator, and an educator at both provincial Theatre/Drama Departments. I am undeniably passionate about theatre.

    Inclusion, representation, and work/life balance for Artists are important to this region and I will support the Safe and Respectful Workplaces (SAFE) Task Force as it continues to make headway, knowing this work needs to develop into solid and actionable practices.

    With new artistic leadership in our region's major theatre companies, an opportunity exists to reinvent and reconnect to the community as well as open up conversations to move forward. With Equity’s branding of “Renew/Reimagine, Shaping a Strong Future”, I will bring fresh eyes, ideas, and energy to this theme.

    I am excited to find ways Equity can work with our regional membership to ensure that our voices are clearly and concisely included in the conversation, while becoming more familiar with how the association works across the country.