Governing Structure

Equity is a democratically structured organization run by artists for artists. It is entirely self-supporting, funded by members' initiation fees and dues only. Equity is the united voice of its members, and its strength lies in the collective support given by its members to its members.

The governance of Equity is vested in a national Council of 23 members from across Canada. The number of Councillors from each region is proportional to the number of members in each region. Councillors are elected for a three-year term.

Equity's governance approach places primary importance on a board's responsibility to set specific organizational results for their organization. The staff of the Association is responsible for the achievement of these defined goals, within specific limits, set by Council. Results are monitored through rigorous evaluation of the Association's accomplishments. Equity's Council uses the Policy Governance model, created by Dr. John Carver, an organizational philosophy designed to empower boards of directors to fulfill their mandates.


Council Documents


Council's Statement of Affirmation

All meetings of members (including AGM's, RGM's, Honours ceremonies, etc.) and the first day of each in-person Council meeting will begin with the reading of Council’s Equality Statement:

Equity embraces an open and inclusive environment, and encourages respectful behaviour that affirms the dignity of all individuals. Equity further recognizes our shared responsibility for vigilance in creating and maintaining this environment. 

Equity recognizes a shared history with Indigenous First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada. In honour of those that have gone before us Equity commits to working toward understanding and actionable practises of reconciliation.


Request for Council Action

Members are encouraged to submit topics to Council for discussion by using the Request for Council Action form. Once completed, a copy of the form will be forwarded to the Council President, Secretary-Treasurer and to Equity's Executive Director. Once received and reviewed, you will be contacted within two business days to let you know how and when the matter will proceed.

For information on how Council deliberates requests for consideration on any matter, please see Council Policies - CP-4.9 - Agenda Planning.


Council Connect


Council Connect provides updates on a wide range of Council activities, updates and achievements throughout the year. Regular members in good standing will automatically receive Council Connect via email. Please view your Council and Council Committees communications settings to manage your email preferences.


Council Committees

Equity uses a flexible slate of issue- or action-based advisories. Council Committees are struck as needed throughout the term, and report directly to Council. These  advisory bodies are regional, national, discipline or community-specific, as appropriate for the topic.