RRSP Funds on Hold

The following individuals have RRSP money on hold with Equity because the trust company could not deposit it to an active account. If your name is on the list, or you know someone on this list, please contact Equity's National Office immediately to open an RRSP account.

In accordance with Bylaw 107(h), failure to open an RRSP account will result in the assignment of these funds to The AFC (afchelps.ca). U.S. Equity members must have a Canadian social insurance number to open an RRSP account in Canada.

Anyone on this list is encouraged to contact Equity immediately to avoid losing unallocated RRSP funds. To open an account contact the Membership Administrator or phone 1-800-387-1856 (416-867-9165 in Toronto).


Members with funds on hold as of October 1, 2020

Raymond Ablack
George Absi
Ricardo Alvarado
Alexander Ariate
Brandon Michael Arrington
Michael Ayres
Andrew Bushell
Matthew Cairns
Lynne Carrow
Joseph Chapman
Ryanne Chisholm
Simran Claire
Aaron Crane
Christine Desjardins
Steve Dhillon
Laila Diallo
Emily Dorn
Darcy Fehr
Naomi Forman
Rose Kristin Friday
Travis Friesen
Vartan Gabrielian
Dave Ganert
Lily Gao
Jacob Gorzhaltsan
Becca Guilderson
Graham Hargrove
Kimberly Harvey
Rebecca Howell
Luke Kimball
Lakota Knuckle
Isaiah Kolundzic
Taran Kootenhayoo
Melissa Kramer
David LaFame
Melissa Eve Langdon
Kyle Lehmann
Jesse Lipscombe
Wilex Ly
Doug MacArthur
Andrea Macasaet
Ciarán MacGillivray
Jonathan Mason
Bria McLaughlin
Terence Mierau
Vanessa Mitchell
Patrick Park
Rodrigo Pino-Hellman
Chloe Richardson
Rachel Rudd
Patrick Rundell
Katie Schmidt
Paul Schwarz
Marc Senior
Jimi Shlag
Lee Shorten
Nathan Simmons
Greg Solomon
Nora Sourouzian
Zainen Suzuki
Koumbie Traoré-Thomason
Annie Tuma
Kelly van der Burg
Preston Vendramin
Hannah Wayne-Phillips

** Indicates the legal name of a new Equity member who has not yet chosen a stage name.