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Office closure advisory: Equity's 'physical' office is closed to the public until further notice. A reduced team of Equity staff is working in the office and remotely to provide member service. As a result of the effects of the pandemic, Equity's remote offices are closed each Friday. 

Voicemail is monitored regularly however we strongly encourage communications be conducted primarily by email. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

Please note: We do not currently accept deliveries by any courier or shipping company from engagers or members or institutions providing letters of credit. Documents and payments may be sent to us by regular post, Express Post, and  Registered Mail to the National Office address.

Equity Offices

Check our calendar for closures and please see our Accessible Visitor Service Plan (PDF).


Executive Office


  • Marion (Maz) Magoris, CPA, CMA - National Office

    Director of Finance & Administration
    Extension: 228
  • Stephen Davis - National Office

    Contract Administrator
    Extension: 240
  • Michelle Retterath - National Office

    Contract Administrator
    Extension: 222
  • Darlene Harold-Teskey - National Office

    Benefits Administrator
    Extension: 236
  • Joanna Grace - National Office

    Membership Administrator
    Extension: 225
  • Shannon Shields - National Office

    Finance & Systems Administrator
    Extension: 230
  • Jessica Tan - Western Office

    Office Manager
  • Security Bonds Administration - National Office
    Extension: 226
  • Ruth Leggett - National Office

    Business Representative Manager - Ballet & Opera Agreements/Engagement Policies
    Ballet Agreements, Opera Agreements, Federal
    Extension: 241
  • Margaret Thompson - National Office

    Business Representative Manager - Theatre Agreements
    CTA, ITA, Stratford Addendum, Commercial, Second City
    Extension: 229
  • Jennie Apps - National Office

    Business Representative
    DOT, INDIE, Benefits and Fundraisers, Artists' Collective Policies
    Extension: 234
  • Senior Business Representative - National Office

    Senior Business Representative
    ITA, CTA
    Extension: 244
  • Samantha Niaraki - National Office

    Senior Business Representative
    CTA & ITA
    Extension: 224
  • Jennifer Riedle - Western Office

    Senior Business Representative
    CTA & ITA
    Tel: 604-682-6173
  • Robert K. Scott - National Office

    Senior Business Representative
    DOT Policy (Theatre)
    Extension: 232
  • Sigrid Velis - National Office

    Business Representative
    DOT, INDIE, Benefits and Fundraisers, Festival Policies
    Extension: 235
  • Tamara Weisz - National Office

    Assistant Business Representative
    Theatre Agreements
    Extension: 240
  • Randy Duniz - National Office

    Communications Director
    Extension: 243
  • Carianne Shakes - National Office

    Communications Associate
    Extension: 233

Department Emails

Email Advisory: While email is a standard communication delivery service, it is not verifiable. If a sender has not heard back from a staff member or Councillor within two to three days (see Service Standards Policy), they should re-send their email and request acknowledgement of receipt. Emergency emails (defined as a health and safety situation in the workplace or failure to be paid by an engager) should be identified as such in the Subject. Due to necessary staffing reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the typical acknowledgement period is extended to four days, not including any Friday (not including emergencies). Please make sure to read any out-of-office or other response messages for specific contact instructions.

Equity is not responsible for emails lost because of technical issues (e.g. email service blacklisting, SPAM or filter blocking) preventing delivery to the intended recipient. 

Formal correspondence requiring an original signature or proof of delivery should be sent to Equity by registered mail or courier (signature required). However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Equity's 'physical' offices are closed until further notice. Please make unique delivery arrangements with the intended staff recipient for any communications requiring proof of delivery.