Atlantic Electoral Region

This region will elect one Councillor.  

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    Karen Bassett

    Karen Bassett

    Karen Bassett

    Karen Bassett is a two term Atlantic Councillor who grew up in Newfoundland and Kjibuktuk, Nova Scotia. She strongly advocates for Equity decisions that resist regionalism and serve the interests of all regions. This belief made her call on Equity to make the AGM virtually accessible and votable.

    In addition to regular Council duties, Karen is a Safe and Respectful Workplaces Task Force member. A passionate advocate of restorative justice, she is most proud of her work to include restorative processes in Equity’s bylaws to address harm and repair relationships. Certified as a harassment investigator, she has contributed to a fair and unbiased process on Equity disciplinary panels. Her favourite part of serving as a Councillor is the one-on-one conversations with members, learning their perspective and providing support.

    Karen is a twenty-five-year established theatre artist who works as a performer, fight director, playwright, dramaturge, and teacher. She has experience in ensemble theatre, TYA, repertory theatre and G house to A+ house.

    Karen is seeking a third term on Council to provide some governance stability as Equity rises from the economic ashes of the pandemic. She has a deep love for her Atlantic membership, and the land and sea on which they live.