Eastern Ontario & Outaouais

Eastern Ontario & Outaouais Electoral Region

This region will elect one Councillor.  

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    Kathi Langston

    Kathi Langston

    Kathi Langston

    I believe in stepping up when asked to do so. Geoff McBride, an Equity rep here and in Atlantic Canada, along with John Koensgen are both theatre professionals I admire. When they asked me if I would stand in, I was both honoured and hesitant, but also keen to take on a new challenge and step up to fill a responsibility.

    I am interested in learning about everything, especially how Equity functions in other parts of Canada. Most important for Equity, both nationally and regionally, over the next three years will be Diversity - hands down - we all need to work together to make this world a better, safer and more glorious place to live. The cultural community is where our stories lie, where we share them; it’s the foundation of creativity. Storytelling is a unifying force and can help overcome the polarization we experience.

    I have been the Artistic Director of a theatre school for 20 years, developing plans, policies and procedures, and more this role has taught me how to collaborate, how to listen and how to solve problems equitably.

    I welcome challenges and believe in inclusivity and the importance of having theatre in our lives.