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Stage Management Committee

The Stage Management Committee (SM Committee) has been serving Equity members working in stage management since the early '90s. By regularly reaching out to our constituency, we have ensured that Council policy and Equity's various agreements continue to reflect the needs of stage managers working in all disciplines. If we can be of assistance, please let us know


Councillor Contact Information (by Region)

The SM Committee has created a series of flyers, sized to post on the Equity callboard, citing Councillor contact information from coast-to-coast. Simply print and post!


Stage Manager Apprentice Advisors


SM Apprentices

  • Whether you have yet to begin work on your first apprentice credit or you are already well into it, check out the SM Apprentice Welcome Letter, prepared by the SM Committee, to learn about what to expect in your apprenticeship, and in your relationship with Equity.

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Provincial ESA Overtime & Resources

Allowable Working Hours Permits

Equity's agreements and policies require that the Engager must notify a SM regarding any permits related to allowable working hours in a day or week that may affect the artist's working conditions in advance of signing an engagement contract. This information must also be included in a rider affixed to the artist's engagement contract including how ESA overtime is administered by the Engager, any applicable averaging cycle and the timing of payment of ESA overtime to the artist. Members are encouraged to email a Business Representative with any questions about engagement contract riders and ESA arrangements currently in effect.


SM Time Sheets

The SM Committee has created resources for members to assist in the tracking of their work hours, calculating overtime and penalty payments, and calculating Employment Standards overtime across Canada where applicable.
Note: access is restricted to Equity members only. You must login and be a member in good standing in order to access the time sheets.

Read this before using the updated CTA/ITA timesheets below

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Stage Managing the Arts

SMArts is an instructional service organization providing quality training to stage mangers, from early career counselling to high-level mid-career professional development. Annual conferences explore aspects of stage management with an emphasis on sharing experience and knowledge in a comfortable seminar environment.

Equity has been a key SMArts sponsor as part of the Association's professional development mandate since the organization's inception in 1997.

As of March 30, 2020, apprentice stage managers who have not completed training at an accredited college, university or conservatory program now have an additional opportunity to earn an education credit. Stage managers who have completed their first registered apprenticeship may now retroactively apply for an additional credit in recognition of receipt of a certificate of completion from the SMArts - Stage Managing the Arts training program.


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