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Date Title
5/28/2023 National AccessAbility Week 2023
5/18/2023 Royal Winnipeg Ballet Agreement Ratified
5/15/2023 Equity Applauds the AFC and Canadian Heritage for their Resilience Fund Support
5/12/2023 Equity Launches Member Orientation Session
5/11/2023 Equity Invites You to the 2023 AACE Conference
5/2/2023 Equity Welcomes Cassandre Mentor to Council
5/1/2023 Mental Health Week 2023
4/29/2023 Equity Celebrates International Dance Day 2023
4/26/2023 Equity Concludes Negotiations with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Ratification Commences
4/20/2023 SMArts 2023 Begins Today – Toronto ON & Virtually
4/15/2023 Equity Invites You to A Hot Docs Screening of "The Yellow Ceiling"
4/11/2023 Equity Supports U.S. Actors' Equity Association in Negotiations with The Broadway League
4/7/2023 Equity Invites You to a Hot Docs Screening of "The Yellow Ceiling"
4/3/2023 2023 Toronto SMArts Conference – April 20 –30 – Registration Now OPEN
4/3/2023 Alberta Ballet Agreement Ratified
3/28/2023 Equity Supports ACTRA’s National Consumer Boycott of Union-Busting Brands
3/27/2023 Celebrate World Theatre Day 2023
3/24/2023 Equity Applauds Recommendations for Strengthening the Status of the Artist Act
3/15/2023 Equity Invites You to a Panel Discussion on Access, Equity, and Change in Canada's Theatre Sector
3/10/2023 Equity’s Short-Term Mental Health & Wellness Program is Closing on March 31, 2023
3/9/2023 Omar Alex Khan Named Equity Council Second Vice-President
3/9/2023 Register for CANCOM's Investment, Funding & Development Workshop!
3/8/2023 International Women's Day
3/7/2023 Register for a Bystander Intervention Workshop
3/6/2023 Equity Concludes Negotiations with the Alberta Ballet, Ratification Commences
3/2/2023 Equity Welcomes George Alevizos to Council
3/1/2023 RRSP Funds On Hold
3/1/2023 Equity Announces The Member Guide to Respectful Workplace
2/24/2023 Register for a Mental Health Q & A
2/20/2023 Register for Running the Business of You
2/13/2023 Register for Live Performance Arts in Canada: What Might the Future Hold?
2/9/2023 Register for The Art of Self-tape and Zoom Auditions
2/2/2023 Equity Welcomes Omar Alex Khan to Council
2/1/2023 RRSP Funds On Hold
2/1/2023 Recipe for a Room Agreement Workshop Recording Now Available
2/1/2023 Black History Month
1/25/2023 Equity's Commitment to Safe and Respectful Workplaces
1/24/2023 Register for a Fundamentals of Financial Literacy Workshop
1/17/2023 Reminder: Equity's Agreement Negotiations & Engagement Policies Under Review in 2023
1/17/2023 Register for Anti-Oppressive Communication: Part 2
1/12/2023 Equity Office Reopens to Public by Appointment
1/12/2023 Fundamentals of Voice Technique: Have you registered?
1/11/2023 Check out Equity's Mental Health and Wellness Program with LifeWorks!
1/11/2023 AFC Reactivation Program: Have you applied?
1/10/2023 Register for CANCOM's Pro-Health/Anti-Oppression/ Anti-Competition Workshop!
1/9/2023 International Choreographers Day!
1/2/2023 Register for a Fundamentals of Voice Technique Workshop
12/26/2022 Register for a Recipe for a Room Agreement Workshop
12/21/2022 Self-tape Success Take 2 Workshop Recording Now Available
12/21/2022 AFC Reactivation Program: There is still time to apply!
12/20/2022 2022-2025 Vancouver Opera Agreement Now Available
12/20/2022 Register for a Conflict Resolution/De-escalation Workshop
12/16/2022 FIA Updates Recommended Health and Safety Guidelines
12/16/2022 2022 Equity Office Closure Reminder
12/15/2022 Equity Members’ Insurance Plan with Crawford Extended for One Year
12/14/2022 Learn More About Equity's Mental Health and Wellness Program with LifeWorks!
12/12/2022 Vancouver Opera Agreement Ratified
12/9/2022 2022-2025 Les Grands Ballets Agreement Now Available
12/9/2022 Please Join us for Self-tape Success Take 2!
12/8/2022 Register for CANCOM's Touring and Showcasing Workshop!
12/6/2022 2022-2025 Canadian Opera Agreement Now Available
12/6/2022 Updated COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols Now Available
12/5/2022 Learn More About Equity's Short-term Mental Health Program with LifeWorks!
12/3/2022 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
12/2/2022 2022 Equity Honours Video Presentation Now Available
12/1/2022 Register to Attend a Working with Intimacy Directors Workshop
12/1/2022 Equity Welcomes Ron Kennell to Council
11/29/2022 Considering Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Workshop Recording Now Available
11/28/2022 2022 Equity Office Holiday Closure
11/22/2022 Equity's Agreement Negotiations & Engagement Policies Under Review in 2023
11/17/2022 Canadian Opera Agreement Ratified
11/14/2022 Equity Concludes Negotiations with the Vancouver Opera, Ratification Commences
11/7/2022 Notice of Bylaw Update – October 2022
11/2/2022 World Ballet Day
10/28/2022 2022-2025 Opera Agreement Now Available
10/27/2022 2022-2023 National Ballet of Canada Agreement Now Available
10/26/2022 Notice Regarding Compass Artist Management
10/25/2022 World Opera Day
10/21/2022 Equity COA Deal Reached, Ratification Commences
10/20/2022 A Free National Comedy Program By Comedy Artists, For Comedy Artists
10/19/2022 Register for Considering Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in your Work
10/18/2022 Announcing the Equity Honours 2022 Honorees
10/10/2022 Equity Celebrates International Stage Management Day!
10/3/2022 2022-2024 Stratford Addendum Now Available
9/30/2022 Equity Recognizes the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day
9/29/2022 Opera Agreement Ratified
9/7/2022 Equity Says Goodbye to Lynn McQueen
9/6/2022 Equity Opera Agreement Ratification to Commence
9/5/2022 Equity Celebrates Labour Day
9/1/2022 Equity Receives Funding Through the Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund
8/8/2022 Equity Welcomes Steven Sobolewski to Council
7/29/2022 Equity Brand Centre
7/27/2022 Equity Contracts Reminder
7/19/2022 Drabinsky Do Not Work Notice
7/8/2022 Equity Supports ACTRA Performers Working in Commercials
7/6/2022 COVID-19 Relief Funding Now Available for Artists in the Live Performing Arts Sector
6/16/2022 In Memoriam
6/15/2022 National Ballet of Canada Agreement Ratified
6/15/2022 Extension to Filing Fees Expiration Period
6/10/2022 Stratford Addendum Ratified
6/8/2022 Equity Announces Updated Service Standards Policy and Feedback Form
6/7/2022 Les Grands Ballets Agreement Ratified
6/7/2022 Support Equity and Your Fellow Members