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Site Accessibility

Equity is committed to creating an accessible organization by removing barriers for people with disabilities whether they are staff, visitors or members. 

This website is compliant with level WCAG 2.0 AA standard ( The screen is reader-friendly. The HTML style sheet was developed to adhere to best practices for page formatting and meets accessibility design contrast standards.

Desktop browser support

We support all modern browsers (released in the past 3 years).

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox 28.0+
  • Chrome 31.0+
  • Safari 5.0+

Note: Older versions of the above browsers will still display our websites, but expect mixed results as they may interpret HTML, CSS and javascript differently.

Mobile browser support

We support the following browsers on iOS and Android devices, updated to their latest versions:

  • iOS Safari
  • Firefox for iOS
  • Chrome for iOS
  • Android browser
  • Firefox for Android
  • Chrome for Android
  • Internet Explorer Mobile