Service Commitments


Accessible Visitor Service Plan

  • Equity is committed to excellence in serving all visitors, including persons with a disability.


Equity's Personal Information Policy regarding the provision of member information outlines each Equity member's options and choices regarding individual limits on the personal information that may be used and/or disclosed by the Association.


Standards of Professional Conduct

As an association of professionals working in live performance, an Equity member must maintain the highest standard of professional behaviour as defined in the Standards of Professional Conduct.


Respectful Workspace Policy

  • Members, Councillors, staff all have a right to workspaces free from personal and sexual harassment or violence. As part of Equity's Not in OUR Space! national anti-harassment and respectful workplace campaign, Equity created the Respectful Workspace Policy. Respectful workspaces ensure healthy and productive working conditions for all professionals working in live performance across the country.

Service Standards

  • Service Standards help to ensure Equity's delivery of optimum service to members, and also provide realistic expectations. Equity's Service Standards policy identifies specific priorities regarding inquiry response times and procedures. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, comments, compliments, complaints or criticisms with the Association.

Telephone Recording Policy

  • All calls received in or made from Equity office telephone numbers are recorded using a digital recording device and will be stored for a minimum of twelve months. They will be deleted regularly after the minimum retention period. The recording of telephone calls was implemented in order to support effective training and delivery of excellent member service and to allow Equity to deal effectively with internal and external complaints. The Call Recording Policy governs call recording procedures, the management of access, and the use of the telephone call recordings. This policy also outlines the rights and protections of Equity members, staff and others calling Equity.