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Equity’s office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time (Toronto and Vancouver) Monday to Friday.

Please note that Equity's National office is open to the public by appointment only.

For after hours emergencies defined as a health and safety situation in the workplace or failure to be paid by an engager please contact Equity at 416-867-9165 or TF at 1-800-387-1856 and follow the "in case of an emergency" prompts.

Equity Offices

Check our calendar for closures and please see our Accessible Visitor Service Plan (PDF).


Executive Office


  • Ruth Leggett

    Business Representative Manager - Ballet & Opera Agreements/Engagement Policies Ballet Agreements, Opera Agreements, Federal Extension: 241
  • Margaret Thompson

    Business Representative Manager - Theatre Agreements CTA, ITA, Stratford Addendum, Commercial, Second City Extension: 229
  • Jennie Apps

    Business Representative DOT, INDIE, Benefits and Fundraisers, Artists' Collective Policies Extension: 234
  • Katie Bartninkas

    Assistant Business Representative Policies, Ballet & Opera Agreements Extension: 244
  • Stephen Davis

    Senior Business Representative Ballet and Opera Extension: 246
  • Millie Kwan

    Contract Administrator
  • Shawn McCarthy

    Assistant Business Representative Theatre Agreements Extension: 226
  • Samantha Niaraki

    Senior Business Representative CTA & ITA Extension: 224
  • Michelle Retterath

    Contract Administrator Extension: 222
  • Jennifer Riedle - Western Office

    Senior Business Representative CTA & ITA Tel: 604-809-1046
  • Robert K. Scott

    Senior Business Representative DOT Policy (Theatre) Extension: 232
  • Jessica Tan - Western Office

    Business Coordinator Theatre Agreements
  • Sigrid Velis

    Business Representative DOT, INDIE, Benefits and Fundraisers, Festival Policies Extension: 235
  • Tamara Weisz

    Senior Business Representative CTA, ITA Extension: 240
  • Liaison/Deputy

    Liaison/Deputy elections, reports/releases, and individual artist releases should be directed here.
  • Negotiations & Policy Review


Other Contact Resources

Email Advisory: Equity's server uses spam filters which may unintentionally block your email. If you have not heard back from a staff member or Councillor within two to three days (see Service Standards Policy), please re-send their email and request acknowledgement of receipt. Emergency emails (defined as a health and safety situation in the workplace or failure to be paid by an engager) should be identified as such in the Subject.