Quarterly Report

Investment specialists, Proteus, are contracted by Equity to provide consulting support and monitor the investment funds and service providers for Equity’s members’ retirement plan.

The Retirement Plan Review, produced four times a year, includes an overview of the quarter’s performance summary, information on the investment funds, a market review and informative articles.

As an Equity member, we encourage you to learn more about the investment funds available to you and the performance of the investment fund(s) that you have selected to enable you to make sound investment decisions.

Please find below the Proteus quarterly reports for the last two years.

Performance Summary



Each fund’s rate of return (the amount that the fund grew or lost during the period) is calculated as a percentage of the starting amount. For example, if on January 1st, your account had $100 in it and at the end of the year it had $110, then your account would have grown by $10, which is 10% per cent of the original amount.

Returns show gross (before) fees. Past performance of a fund is not necessarily indicative of future performance. 1-year, 3-year, 4-year, 10-year increments of return show the average annual returns for the indicated period. There is no 10-year history for funds with ‘n/a’ indicated.

The "Index" percentage is the market benchmark for the funds (where available).