Alberta South

Alberta South Electoral Region

This region will elect one Councillor.  

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    Helen Knight

    Helen Knight

    Helen Knight

    My story goes something like this: girl becomes nurse, becomes actor, becomes nurse again. I joined Equity about a year before our industry shut down, but I’ve been a practicing RN for nearly 18 years. COVID and safety in the workplace - our workplace: our stages, our rehearsal halls, our theaters - is a very real concern for me: on both sides, I’ve got skin in the game.

    In our changed world, how do we now navigate the intrinsically intimate art form of live performance, while still optimizing collective health and safety? How do we acknowledge the precarity of ‘acts of god’ and shut downs, while maximizing workers’ dignity and financial stability? How can we ensure continuity of our best measures over a diverse set of work environments?

    I am eager to learn how policy development and governance can establish a firm foundation for artists to flourish in, and I believe that my unique blend of skills and experience will be an asset as we all navigate these new questions together. Our industry is finally waking from its slumber, and I am so excited to join you all in telling live stories again - our world is in desperate need of some good ones.