Quebec Electoral Region

This region will elect one Councillor.  

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    Deena Aziz

    Deena Aziz

    Deena Aziz

    I’ve been a proud Equity member for almost 20 years, working under a range of contracts across the country. I’ve participated in agreement reviews and collective bargaining, collaborated with sister organizations, and facilitated the Equity Census.

    It’s been my privilege to serve on Council for two terms, focussing my energy and community advocacy skills on Member Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellness, amongst other issues. I’ve derived satisfaction from helping members resolve (or side-step) problems, and I’m inspired by the next generations of artists: their smarts, politics, and passion. And especially, I’ve been awed by the commitment of Council colleagues – especially through this time.

    It’s been rough, and it’s not over. The pandemic and accompanying social movements have turned the lights on some of the longstanding injustices and unsustainable practices of our sector.

    It would be my honour to offer my experience and some continuity for another term, to continue connecting Quebec’s membership with the important work of the association. And I hope that as we “rebuild”, maybe we’ll do some renovating as well.