Talk to Council


Request for Council Action

Members are encouraged to submit topics for discussion to Council by using the Request for Council Action form (member login required). 



  • Scott Bellis

    B.C. & the Yukon Councillor
    Council President
  • Donna Fletcher

    Manitoba & Nunavut Councillor
    First Vice-President
    (Liaison to Council Renewal and Education, Council Committee)
  • Allan Teichman

    Ontario Councillor
    Second Vice-President
    (Liaison to Member Engagement and Education)
  • Helen Knight

    Alberta South Councillor
    (Liaison to Finance Monitoring Committee)

Councillors are volunteers and are not paid for their service, although reasonable out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed. Furthermore, in recognition of the time commitment required to serve on Council, annual dues are waived for sitting Councillors, though Councillors may opt to waive this benefit by informing the Council President.

In recognition of their added time commitment and responsibilities, Council Officers receive honoraria set by Council.