Agreements & Policies

To discuss which form of Equity contract may apply to an engagement, please contact an Equity Business Representative. In the case of a discrepancy between information stated here and Equity's specific agreements and policies, the terms of the respective agreement or policy shall prevail.

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Artists' Collective Policy

  • ACP The Artists' Collective Policy (ACP) is ideal for collaborative productions in which there is no guarantee of any fees and, instead, there is an agreement to share revenues, including box office proceeds. The Collective is based on the fundamental tenets of group decision making and agreed-upon revenue sharing. All participants working on an Artists' Collective Policy activity/production (e.g., performers, stage managers, directors, fight directors, choreographers, designers, playwrights, etc.) form the "collective."

Benefits and Fundraisers Policy

    Benefits and Fundraisers Equity facilitates the participation of members in fundraising activities for theatres and other charitable causes under the Benefits and Fundraisers Policy. Members have a proud history of giving their time for a reduced fee and support charities and raise funds for worthy causes. Talk to a Business Representative for more information.

Canadian Theatre Agreement


  • DOT (logo)The D•O•T (Dance • Opera • Theatre) Policy includes terms and conditions for a range of small-scale dance, opera and theatre engagements. It also outlines how to engage Equity members at educational institutions. Provisions common to engagements across all three types of work appear at the beginning, and each specialty genre has a separate schedule for each at the end of the Policy. These schedules address necessary rehearsal hour differences and provide a list of appropriate minimum fees. The D•O•T includes provisions for non-standard engagements, touring, simplified payment options, including direct deposit and email transfer, and recording provisions.

Equity Second City Agreement

  • The Equity Second City Agreement (ESCA) is negotiated between Equity and The Second City. The 2019-2021 ESCA took effect January 7, 2019, and remains in effect until January 2, 2022.

Festival Policy

  • Festival Policy The Festival Policy enables members, collectives and independent producers to participate and showcase artistic activities in a festival setting. A list of eligible festivals is updated annually. Equity reserves the right to modify this list at any time.


  • The INDIE 2.2 is designed to facilitate the production of theatre made with limited resources. As resources are administrative as well as financial, significant effort has been made to reduce the administrative burden of the INDIE 2.2, allowing theatre companies to focus their time and energy on the artistic and creation process. Read the INDIE 2.2 application form INDIE 2.2 Application. All artists working within Equity's jurisdiction are contracted under the INDIE 2.2, regardless of membership status.

Independent Theatre Agreement

Stratford Festival Addendum to the CTA