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Eastern Opera Electoral Region

This region will elect two Councillors.  

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    Johnathon Kirby

    Johnathon Kirby

    Johnathon Kirby

    I am Johnathon Kirby, and I have had the privilege of being a member of Equity for five years and have been a professional artist for more than a decade. I have worked in opera and theatre as an emerging artist, chorister and soloist. I am running for Equity Council because I know the challenges of emerging artists and professionals and I want to be an active force in shaping our industry as we move forward from these trying times.

    I am acutely aware of the effects of COVID-19 on the lives of Equity members, many of whom will struggle to return to the arts as a source of income. I want to help my colleagues by representing their interests to the best of my ability.

    Some of the issues I would like to address are:

    • Membership stagnation and disillusionment
    • An increase in multimedia and online formats
    • Growing mental health concerns
    • Employment stability
    • Stigma surrounding having "a day job"

    I want to look at how our industry and organization are structured and find practical changes so that more professionals can find support, satisfaction and success. If elected I will listen, learn, and speak out for what I believe is important.

  • Read Gene's Statement

    Gene Wu

    Gene Wu

    Gene Wu

    As your prospective Eastern Opera Council member, I would strive to keep an open mind, evaluating issues based on the most current information at hand and looking for solutions that would benefit the greatest number of individuals within the membership. I’ve had Equity experience as both an opera soloist and chorister, and I would bring those perspectives to Council.

    I believe some of the matters that Equity and its membership will face in the future include:

    • post-pandemic recovery
    • digital/online content and new presentation formats
    • ongoing agreement oversight and adherence

    I would have some big shoes to fill, but some of my goals would be to:

    • build on initiatives and policies that previous terms of Council have established
    • encourage more feedback/involvement from membership on issues
    • learn more about the processes involved in governance and decision-making within Equity and to use that knowledge to grow as a Councillor.

    It may seem obvious, but I believe the whole purpose of a Councillor is to be a genuine representative of the membership. I hope to be that and to bring a new and positive (yet pragmatic) voice to Council.

    - Gene