Equity’s Mental Health & Wellness Program

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    To improve the emotional wellbeing of members, Equity has once again partnered with LifeWorks (already familiar to membership as our existing online platform supporting wellbeing), to provide a short-term customized Mental Health & Wellness assistance program geared to mental, financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

    All members in good standing can access the program here.

  • Check out Equity's latest Council Connect video!

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    March 29, 2023 - Check out Equity's latest Council Connect video featuring Equity Council President Scott Bellis, for important news on issues that matter to you! Whether it's Equity's professional development series, association finances, or changes to Equity Council, this is a Council Connect you don't want to miss!

    A copy of the Council Connect script is available here.

  • Equity Supports ACTRA’s National Consumer Boycott of Union-Busting Brands

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    March 28, 2023 - Nearly a year since several ad agencies decided to lock out Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) performers working under the National Commercial Agreement, ACTRA has launched a national consumer boycott of union-busting brands...

    In solidarity, Equity supports ACTRA’s boycott and its call on the Government of Canada to end to its contractual arrangement with Cossette Media, one of the advertising agencies that has unjustly locked out ACTRA performers, many of whom are precarious arts workers, earning less than $6000 a year on average. Read more...

  • Celebrate World Theatre Day 2023

  • WTDMarch 27, 2023 - On behalf of Equity, we would like to wish all of the wonderful theatre professionals out there a very happy #WorldTheatreDay! 

    As we continue to recognize the vital role that theatre plays in all of our lives and the invaluable contributions that theatre professionals make to our society, Equity is proud to support the creative efforts of live performance artists by seeking to improve their working conditions and work opportunities. Read more...

  • Equity Applauds Recommendations for Strengthening the Status of the Artist Act

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    March 24, 2023 - Canadian Actors’ Equity Association is pleased to support the recommendations made by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage in their March 2023 report: Strengthening the Status of the Artist in Canada.

    The Report is the result of an extensive study on the impact of the Status of the Artist Act (SAA) on improving working conditions for artists. The process began over a year ago and included briefs and statements from Heritage department officials, tax experts, and stakeholders from the cultural sector, including Equity. Read more...

  • Equity’s Short-Term Mental Health & Wellness Program is Closing on March 31, 2023

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    March 10, 2023 - Equity’s short-term Mental Health & Wellness Program is coming to a close. As of March 31, 2023, the program which offers crisis and counselling support and resources aimed at self-care, healthy habits, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, and creating balance in your life, will no longer be available through Equity.

    If you are already registered for counselling sessions that extend beyond March 31, those will continue, but no new services will be offered through this program beyond March 31. If you are looking for support strategies, financial planning or counselling, we encourage you to access the short-term Mental Health & Wellness Program while it is still available. Read more...

  • Omar Alex Khan Named Equity Council Second Vice-President

  • omarMarch 9, 2023 - Equity is very pleased to announce the election of Omar Alex Khan as Equity Council Second Vice-President. Councillor for the Ontario region, Omar was elected at the Council meeting on February 27, 2023, filling the role previously held by Ryan G. Hinds. 

    The Second Vice-President serves as Council's liaison with the Equity membership and is Chair of the Member Engagement and Education Committee. Please join us in thanking Ryan for his work and welcoming Omar as Second-Vice President. Feel free to reach out to Omar at omark@caea.comRead more...

  • International Women's Day

  • iwdMarch 8, 2023 - March 8th is International Women's Day (IWD)!

    Today we recognize the immeasurable contributions of women live performance artists and continue to strive for gender equality. IWD is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how we can challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to bias, and seek out greater inclusion in the live performance industry. From grassroots advocacy to systemic change, we can all #EmbraceEquity. Read more...

  • Equity Concludes Negotiations with the Alberta Ballet, Ratification Commences

  • OPAMarch 6, 2023 - Equity is pleased to announce a successful conclusion to negotiations with the Alberta Ballet. Ratification of the Alberta Ballet Agreement (ABA) will commence March 13, 2023 for all Equity members eligible to vote on the proposed changes.

    Information on this ratification vote will be available at www.caea.com (members only) once the ratification period commences. The deadline to vote is April 3, 2023, at noon MT. Read more...

  • Equity Welcomes George Alevizos to Council

  • GeorgeMarch 2, 2023 - Equity is pleased to announce the appointment of George Alevizos to Equity Council, as a representative of the Ontario region. A graduate of the joint University of Toronto/Sheridan College Theatre and Drama Studies program, George joined Equity in 2019, and works as a performer in theatre, film and TV. 

    His appointment comes following Ryan G. Hinds’ decision to resign, citing the challenges of balancing a busy work schedule with his duties on Council. Please join us in welcoming George to Equity Council and feel free to reach out to him at georgea@caea.comRead more...

  • Equity Announces The Member Guide to Respectful Workplace

  • rwgMarch 1, 2023 - Equity is proud to announce the release of The Member Guide to Respectful Workplaces, a comprehensive and accessible introduction to all of the resources available through Equity for fostering safe and respectful workplaces – making it easier for artists to understand their rights and where to go for support. 

    Developed by Equity Council’s Safe and Respectful Task Force, the Guide details responsibilities, preventive measures, resolutions and resources to help inform, empower, and support artists, and encourage a workplace free from harm and all forms of inappropriate behaviour. Read more...

  • Equity's Commitment to Safe and Respectful Workplaces

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    January 25, 2023 - The recent news regarding allegations of sexual assault and criminal charges brought against a theatre technician serves to remind us that, although some progress has been made in recent years, there is still much to do to ensure safe and respectful workplaces in our industry. Read more...

  • Equity Office Reopens to Public by Appointment

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    January 12, 2023 - In our continuing efforts to balance member services with suitable safety measures, Equity’s National office has reopened to the public, by appointment only.

    As the elevators to the Equity office remain locked, you will need to schedule your visit to the Equity office in advance by email. Please visit the Contact Us section of our website for the list of staff emails. Read more...

  • Equity Members’ Insurance Plan with Crawford Extended for One Year

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    December 15, 2022 - With the new year not far off, Equity has decided to extend the current members’ insurance plan with Crawford & Company for one additional year. This means that members will experience no change in their insurance coverage in 2023.

    Information on the Crawford & Company plan is available on Equity’s website here. We encourage members to check out the video recording of the Insurance Town Hall to see what was discussed and learn more about your insurance as well as other options available to you. Read more...

  • Updated COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols Now Available

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    December 6, 2022 - While the worst of the pandemic appears to have passed, it is important to acknowledge that COVID-19 will continue to be present in our communities for the foreseeable future. As such, we are pleased to share an updated version of our COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines & Protocols.

    For any questions about the workplace application of these protocols, email an Equity Business Representative at busrep@caea.comRead more...

  • 2022 Equity Honours Video Presentation Now Available

  • EDIB WorkshopDecember 2, 2022 - Join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2022 Honours Awards with a special video presentation!

    For nearly 50 years, the Equity Honours have recognized members and other industry professionals, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to our industry, our Association, and our craft. While we can’t be together in-person to celebrate these wonderful artists, we are ecstatic to be able to celebrate them, nonetheless. Read more...

  • Equity's Agreement Negotiations & Engagement Policies Under Review in 2023

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    November 22, 2022 - Following a very busy year of bargaining that included the renegotiation of six agreements and updating of the Dance, Opera, Theatre Policy, the negotiation schedule for 2023 is already shaping up. 

    Equity members who have worked under an agreement or policy listed below are encouraged to contribute to the negotiation or review process. Your experience working under these agreements is invaluable to the negotiation process in determining what advancements are needed. Read more...

  • Equity Contracts Reminder

  • July 28, 2022 - A friendly reminder to all Equity members and industry partners that Equity’s contracts were designed to be filled and signed using the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available here for download. Read more here.

  • Member Discounts Through Union Savings

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    Who doesn't like paying less?! Equity is very happy to announce a newly updated Members' Advantage Program partnership with Union Savings. As a member of Equity, you and your family can enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services through Union Savings, including Auto, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Financial, Home, Insurance, Travel, Wellness, and more! Members can register here.

  • Equity's Position on COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in the Workplace

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    Since COVID-19 vaccines became available, Equity's position has been and remains that all members should be vaccinated to ensure that the live performance industry returns to stability, except for those who have a verifiable medication condition or religious exemption based on a prohibited ground in human rights legislation.  more…