RRSP Funds on Hold

Non-Allocated RRSP Funds

Equity has been advised that the following members have RRSP funds on hold because Canada Life could not deposit these funds to an active account. If your name is on the list below please contact Equity's Membership Administrator (1-800-387-1856 or 416-867-9165 in Toronto), as soon as possible to open an RRSP account and connect you with your benefits.

If you know someone on this list, please encourage them to contact Equity's National Office to open an RRSP account and avoid losing unallocated RRSP funds. Please note: there are many reasons why a member may have funds on hold. Finding a name on this list is in no way intended to be punitive or embarrassing for an Artist.

In accordance with Bylaw 156(H), if an Artist does not open an RRSP account, it will eventually result in the assignment of their funds to The AFC (afchelps.ca). Note: U.S. Equity members must have a Canadian social insurance number to open an RRSP account in Canada.

Members with Funds on Hold as of March 1, 2023

Michal Aloni
Nate Bitton
Zoƫ Brown
Emma Burke - Kleinman
Aura Carcueva
Catharin Carew
Greg Carruthers
Ian Cleary
Amanda Cordner
Richie Diggs
Reign Dorschmidt
Shomari Downer
Madeleine Eddy
Gustavo Febres
Maryse Fernandes
Naomi Forman
Othalie Graham
Graham Hargrove
Elizabeth Harpur
Kimberly Harvey
Heidi Hawkins
Alex Hetherington
Queen Hezumuryango
Stephanie Hood
Connor Hoppenbrouwers
Galien Johnston
Reena Jolly
Genevieve Jones
Josette Jorge
Hayley Kezber
Wahsonti:io Kirby
Yukari Komatsu
Layne Labbe
Dominique LeBlanc
Justine Ledoux
Melanie Leon
Christopher Lucas
Kaelyn Yoon MacRae
Carol Mann
Harout Markarian
Dedra McDermott
Bria McLaughlin
Tadhg McMahon
Scott Moyle
Matt Owen Murray
Ngabo Nabea
Nkasi Ogbonnah
Jay Ono
Spenser Payne
Mitchell Poundmaker
Rachel Rudd
Alla Salakhova
Paul Schwarz
Henry Austin Shikongo
Nathan Simmons
Garret C. Smith
Victoria Snashall
Zainen Suzuki
Sarah Templeton
Elias Theocharidis
Hannah Wayne-Phillips
David Webb
Ted Witzel
Ravyn Wngz

** Indicates the legal name of a new Equity member who has not yet chosen a stage name.