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Request for Council Action

Members are encouraged to submit topics for discussion to Council by using the Request for Council Action form (member login required). 



  • Scott Bellis

    Councillor for BC & Yukon
    Council President
  • Peter McGillivray

    Councillor for Eastern Opera
    First Vice-President
    (Advisory Coordinator)
  • Ryan G. Hinds

    Councillor for Ontario
    Second Vice-President
    (Member Liaison)
  • Diane Speirs

    Councillor for Western Opera

Councillors are volunteers and are not paid for their service, although reasonable out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed.

Council Officers receive honoraria set by Council.




Locate your Councillor by region and click on their name to send an email.

Note: Jenna Sevella (Dance) is currently on leave from Council. Please contact Councillor Melissa Novecosky (Stage Management) or your local Councillor in the interim. Any urgent issues may be forwarded to Scott Bellis (Council President) .