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Not in OUR Space! is a national anti-harassment and respectful workplace collaboration campaign developed by Equity which seeks to ensure healthy and productive working conditions for all professionals working in live performance across the country.


How do I get help?
Contact a Respectful Workspace Advisor (RWA).

Phone: 1-800-387-1856

On a bi-monthly basis, members of the Safe and Respectful Workspaces Task Force will stop by Equity's National Facebook Group to share news and begin conversations - philosophical and practical - all focused on making all our workspaces safe, respectful and inclusive. For those members not on Facebook, the Council Connect newsletter will share links to articles and videos of interest from time to time.


Campaign Objectives

  • Stopping harassment before it starts.
  • Educating Equity members and their co-workers about prohibited workspace behaviours, to prevent them from happening in the first place.
  • Encouraging witnesses as well as subjects to come forward when they experience or observe harassment and bullying (collective responsibility).
  • Empowering individuals to act (see the Equity Support Spectrum) through multiple reporting options, including easy access to Equity support networks.
  • Providing resources and assistance for situations where problems do occur.

A key piece of the Not in OUR Space! campaign is a Joint First Day Statement presented to the company by both an Equity company member and a representative of the Engager on the first day of rehearsal. Equity is working to make the presentation of the Joint First Day Statement a requirement across all disciplines and workspaces. If a presentation has not yet taken place in your workspace, email

Equity has developed materials (brochures, bookmarks and posters), which are for distribution and display. Not in OUR Space! materials should be clearly displayed workspaces. If materials are not available or not posted on the callboard, email to have materials sent to you.

Equity Support Spectrum

Different individuals are available to help resolve conflict and, if necessary, initiate a formal complaint through Equity. The Equity Support Spectrum (found in the Not In OUR Space! brochure) outlines options in detail.

Respectful Workspace Advisor

RWAs are trained Equity staff members, who can provide informed and supportive strategies for addressing questions and concerns related to harassment. They will also offer guidance if you need to submit a formal disciplinary complaint to Equity Council.


Examples of RWA assistance include:
  • Locating and reviewing the Engager's harassment policy.
  • Suggesting approaches for resolving the issue.
  • Contacting key production personnel on behalf of the complainant if requested.
  • Providing information on the filing process.


Engagers are legally responsible for their workspaces. They must have a formal workspace harassment policy, be familiar with it and are responsible for working with you and resolving your complaint.


Stage managers and deputies are two individuals you can speak to if you have concerns. Equity has created resources for stage managers and deputies, which include helpful information on bringing Not in OUR Space! into rehearsal halls and performance venues across the country. In addition, trusted cast members may also be allies.

Equity Council

Equity Council’s complaint protocol is a general disciplinary process for unprofessional member behaviour, and is not designed to address workspace issues immediately. The Executive Director will oversee the initial intake and preparation for Council’s consideration. Council will either determine the appropriate course of action or dismiss the complaint for lack of evidence.

Support Organizations

Equity has assembled a list of support organizations and resources with the assistance of an HR professional familiar with the live performance sector. This list intended to be a helpful starting place for Equity members looking for additional assistance.


If It's Happening to You...

  • Read the Not In OUR Space! brochure.
  • Reach out to someone you trust, such as the stage manager, deputy, or engager contact. Remember, you are not alone.
  • If you feel safe doing so, tell the harasser to stop.
  • Report the experience to an RWA.
  • Talk to the engager representative or RWA about filing a formal complaint.
  • Write down places, dates, times, people involved, witnesses and what happened.Make sure to record how the experience affected you.
  • Support materials are important so keep emails, hand-written notes, photographs, or physical evidence.
  • Avoid being alone with the harasser. Company members, stage managers, deputies and engager representatives will support you.

If It's Happening to a Colleague...

Harassment and bullying in the workspace affects everyone in the company by creating a toxic work environment.

  • Discuss the situation with an RWA.
  • Don't take part in the harassment. Support your co-worker(s) and encourage them to come forward.
  • If you feel safe doing so, tell the harasser to stop.
  • Tell the engager contact about the situation and ask for support.
  • Keep a written record. This information can help in an investigation.


An actor is struggling with a particular scene and keeps dropping the same line. The director yells "Stupid!" at the performer every time.
Bullying is a prevalent form of personal harassment.


A conductor comments about how attractive the lead in the production is and shows colleagues cell phone pictures pointing out how good the singer looks in tight, black pants.
Sexual harassment affects all genders.

Toxic for everyone

An assistant stage manager reports that the co-directors have been smoking illegally in the bathroom. Although they never discover who filed the report, the co-directors make the work experience miserable for everyone - taunting individuals with loud, abusive and bullying behaviour - causing one actor to take a sick day due to stress.
A toxic work environment affects everyone in a production.


Equity and PACT are committed to the pursuit of safe and respectful workspaces by promoting zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. We are working together, dedicating energy to cultivating and supporting the community in creating harassment-free theatre environments across Canada.

On the first day of rehearsal, PACT member theatres will jointly present an anti-harassment statement, called the First Day Talk program in conjunction with an Equity representative.

Equity, PACT and the theatres will each offer ways to support artists and theatres when there is a question about harassment in the workspace or when steps need to be taken to resolve an issue. Equity will provide materials (brochures, bookmarks and posters) for distribution and display to support the theatres and their members.

PACT will provide additional resources in the form of policy templates, information on provincial and federal legislative expectations, documentation needs, and training for theatres and their staff.