Formal Complaint Process


The Complaint and Disciplinary Process

The Complaint and Disciplinary process is intended to ensure that formal complaints made against an Equity member are addressed in a consistent manner that is accessible and fair to all of those involved. The goal of this protocol is resolution of the complaint and the preservation of professional working relationships.

Detailed information about the formal process can be found in Equity's Constitution and Bylaw document.

Any person or the Association, may file a complaint against any member of the Association who:

  • engages in acts of racism, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, or violence in the workspace;
  • abuses their position, or perceived position, of power in the workspace;
  • engages in reprisal, or threat of reprisal as described in the Respectful Workspace Policy;
  • acts in an unprofessional manner in the workspace;
  • is in conflict of interest to the detriment of another member of the Association;
  • fails to pay monies owing to the Association;
  • refuses to fulfill a contract without reasonable cause;
  • violates any of the Association’s agreements; or
  • interferes with, or fails to adhere to, the terms and conditions resulting from a disciplinary process.

One of Equity’s specially trained Respectful Workspace Advisors (RWA) can discuss your situation if you wish to file a formal complaint against an Equity member through the Complaints and Disciplinary Process.