In Memoriam

Remembering those who inspired us, guided us, and touched our lives has long been an honoured tradition at Equity. Among the many ways the pandemic has impacted our Association over the past couple of years, has been our struggle to recognize and celebrate the lives of members we have lost – profoundly more imperative at a time when we have lost so many.

Here, we present the names of Equity members who have passed away since January 2020. We fondly remember them as artists, friends, and family. 

We invite you to submit a memorial statement honouring an Equity member who has passed away.

Remembering Equity Members (2020-2022)

Lori Anderson
Karen Anthony
Salome Bey
Brent Carver
Barbara Chilcott
G. Miles Cohen
Nick Cordero
Gloria Day
Sherrill Demarco
Brian Dennehy
Richard Di Renzi
Keith Dinicol
Joyce Doolittle
Shirley Douglas
Nancy Drake
Murray Ellis
Darcy Evans
Leo Evason
Diane Fabian
Miguel Fernandes
David Fox
Richard Gishler
Paul Haddad
Mary Haney
Dennis Hayes
Jeff Henry
Martha Henry
Karen Kenedy
Tom Kerr
Taran Kootenhayoo
William Lane
Walter Learning
Edward Ledson
Patricia Ludwick
Rebecca Luker
David Macniven
Gordon Masten
Bill McFadden
Lanni McInnes
Jean McIntyre
Brian McKay
Don L McManus
Marguerite McNeil
Monique Mercure
Joel Miller
Karen Minish
Jenny Munday
Christopher Newton
Rose-Ellen Nichols
Melanie Piatocha
Christopher Plummer
Josette Prevost
Richard Rutherford
David Schurmann
Alfie Scopp
Judy Sinclair
Isobel Smith
Robert Smith
Paul Soles
Sibel Thrasher
Erin Wall
Kenneth Welsh
Henry Woolf
Victor A. Young