Defaulting Engagers

Engagers who owe outstanding fees, benefits, or any other sums to Equity members are considered to be "defaulting engagers."

No Equity member is permitted to enter into a contractual relationship with a defaulting engager, and defaulting engagers are prohibited from entering into contractual relationships with Equity members.

Members are asked to inform a Business Representative by phone at 1-800-387-1956 (416-867-9165 in Toronto) immediately if offered an engagement by any individual or producer listed below. 

Defaulting Engagers (as of December 2013)

  • The Acting Company, Toronto (not affiliated with The Acting Company, Ottawa)
  • Between Trains Theatre Company
  • Bob Youngquist
  • Chimes Dinner Theatre and Jack Timlock
  • Danrich Associates and Jack Timlock
  • First Christmas Productions
  • Galop Musical Productions and Andrew Campbell and Gregory F. Kieser
  • Hamilton Theatre Inc.
  • JD Productions (including Nicky Fylan, Mary Murphy and John McNamara)
  • Magic Circus Theatre
  • Music Hall Productions and Peter Ingster
  • New Bastion Theatre
  • Opera Hamilton Inc.
  • Pampero Productions
  • Panama Productions
  • R.C.L. Productions & Kevin McRae
  • The Stage Company a.k.a. Midland Stage Company
  • Theatre Outremont and William Steen, also Mssrs. Flamenbaum, Trevick & Drazin
  • Theatre Plus Toronto
  • Theatre Terra Nova
  • Time Square Productions & Peter Trepanier
  • T.M. Sheridan and Wllm Shkspr(Abridged) Partners
  • Union Theatre and Ian Ferguson