The Equity Liaison/Deputy

Please note: Equity is in the process of transitioning the term Equity Deputy to Equity Liaison. Same important job, just a different name! As the term Deputy still appears in some Equity agreements, the term Equity Liaison/Deputy will be used to avoid confusion. Additionally, some older documents may still require updating.


Stage Management Resource

  • The SM Resource takes the stage manager through the coordination of the election of the Liaison/Deputy on the first day of rehearsal, and has helpful information on bringing Not in OUR Space! into rehearsal halls and performance venues across the country. 

Liaison / Deputy Resource

  • A Liaison/Deputy serves as an important link between Equity and performers, stage managers and any other artist engaged on an Equity contract for a production. The Liaison / Deputy Resource is an excellent support document with good information for first-time Liaisons/Deputies (and a refresher for veteran Liaisons/Deputies as well). Note: In keeping with changes made in the 2021-2024 CTA, the Deputy may now be called a Liaison.

CTA / ITA & Stratford Productions

Stage managers and Liaisons/Deputies automatically receive an email invitation to complete the Liaison Election or Liaison Report forms. There is nothing to download. If you have not received an email, please contact Equity's National Office.

  • Online Liaison Election and Liaison Report forms are in use for productions that take place under the Canadian Theatre Agreement, Independent Theatre Agreement (ITA) and the Stratford Addendum. Members will be required to log in to the website using their Equity member number and web password. The stage manager who coordinates all Equity members in the company electing the Liaison/Deputy for a production, will receive an email notification to enter the election information prior to the first rehearsal.
  • The Liaison will receive a reminder email to file the Liaison Report form online prior to the end of the production.

Dance and Opera Agreements, ESCA & Engagement Policies

Please refer to the PDF Help if you experience difficulty downloading or opening a Liaison/Deputy Election or Report form. If you are still encountering difficulty, please contact the  Communications team at Equity's National Office.

First Day of Rehearsal

  • The stage manager should coordinate all Equity members in the company electing the Liaison/Deputy for a production. Member signatures are not required. Member names need only typed/written on the Deputy/Liaison Election (may also be called a Liaison) fillable form. If the names are typed, the stage manager need only save the form once it is completed and send it to Equity as an email attachment sent to Photos and scans are also accepted.

Last Day of the Production

  • The final Liaison/Deputy responsibility is to submit the Deputy/Liaison Report on the last day of the production. This questionnaire is generally a confirmation of whether (or not) all fees and expenses have been paid in full. Once we have this information, Equity can pursue outstanding amounts on behalf of members or confidently close the production file. It’s also an opportunity for the Deputy to share any notes with Equity that could form the basis for future negotiation or agreement review. The Deputy need only save the form once it is completed and send it to Equity as an email attachment sent to Photos and scans are also accepted.

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