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RRSP Funds On Hold
Equity has been advised that some members have RRSP funds on hold because Canada Life could not deposit these funds to an active account. We have tried to reach out to these members several times, without success.

CanadaLifeLogoIf you have not yet opened an RRSP account and believe you may have funds on hold as a result, please look over the RRSP Funds on Hold list and check for your name. Equity may not have current contact information for you. Please contact Equity's Membership Administrator (1-800-387-1856 or 416-867-9165 in Toronto), to update your information on file and connect you with your RRSP benefits as soon as possible.

If you know someone on this list, please encourage them to contact Equity's National Office and open an RRSP account and thereby avoid losing unallocated RRSP funds. In accordance with Bylaw 107(h), if an Artist does not open an RRSP account, it will eventually result in the assignment of their funds to The AFC.

Please note: there are many reasons why a member may have funds on hold. Finding a name on this list is in no way intended to be punitive or embarrassing for an Artist.

Note: U.S. Equity members must have a Canadian social insurance number to open an RRSP account in Canada
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