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Drabinsky Do Not Work Notice
Embroiled in a legal dispute with producer Garth Drabinsky over failure to meet his obligations on the project Paradise Square, as well as allegations of bullying, American Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) has added Mr. Drabinsky’s name to their “Do Not Work” list.

Canadian Actors’ Equity’s agreements only permit the Association to place an engager on our own Defaulting Engagers list for failure to meet their obligations on a project under CAEA’s jurisdiction.

However, in accordance with the terms of our reciprocal agreement with AEA, we are instructing members not to work for Garth Drabinsky or any company he may be associated with until such time as all outstanding amounts have been paid owing to the members or AEA, all legal actions associated with Paradise Square have been resolved to AEA’s satisfaction and AEA has removed Garth Drabinsky from their “Do Not Work” list.

If you are approached by Mr. Drabinsky or any production he is associated with for auditions or work, please contact the Equity office immediately.

Canadian Actors’ Equity stands in solidarity with AEA and we sincerely hope that our colleagues in the U.S. are able to secure payments for everyone engaged on Paradise Square so that all the talented artists are fully compensated for their work.
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