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Equity Members Offered Waived Initiation Fee to Join ACTRA
Join ACTRA ACTRA is presenting Equity members across the country with a one-time, 60-day opportunity to join ACTRA with a waived initiation fee, which would otherwise be $1125 through our reciprocal agreement*. If you considered joining ACTRA in the past, but found the cost to be prohibitive, this is your chance to take advantage of their offer.

Enrollment in this offer is available until August 2, 2024. For next steps and more information about becoming an ACTRA member, go to actra.ca/join.

To complete your application, you will require a copy of your current Equity member card, demonstrating that you are currently in good standing. Access your card by logging in to your member profile HERE.

This limited time offer is being extended at a time when many ACTRA members continue to be locked out from working on commercials by the Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) and the agencies and brands they represent. By joining ACTRA, Equity members have the opportunity to participate in an act of solidarity by refusing to work on non-union commercials – while also gaining access to work opportunities within ACTRA’s jurisdiction.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ACTRA directly at actranational@actra.ca.

*Please note that you will still be required to pay ACTRA's pro-rated annual dues when you join.
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