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Celebrate World Theatre Day for Children & Youth!
World Theatre Day for Children and Youth Happy World Theatre Day for Children & Youth, also known as Take A Child to the Theatre Day! Ahead of World Theatre Day next week, today is dedicated to introducing young audiences to the world of live performance, advocating for children's right to theatre and art, and celebrating the young artists already making their mark in our industry.

In celebration of World Theatre Day for Children & Youth, Quebec Councillor Deena Aziz reflects on an early experience with theatre:
"One thing that's always stuck with me was being brought to an outdoor production of the Mystery Plays as a child. I can't begin to describe what it was like watching Adam emerge from a stage of sand, after what seemed like ages. How could he possibly have held his breath so long!?!? Oh brave new world, that has such magic in’t! Every kid deserves a chance to experience the wonderment of the theatre."

Learn more about the Take A Child to the Theatre campaign and other initiatives for children & youth in theatre at assitej-international.org
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