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Equity Extends Members’ Insurance Plan with Crawford
Crawford Insurance

As 2023 comes to a close, Equity has decided to extend the members’ current insurance plan with Crawford & Company for an additional year. While the plan remains essentially the same, some adjustments have been made to improve the plan for 2024:

  • The annual deductible will be reduced from $100 to $50.

  • Members will be able to file a new claim up to seven days after the end of their contract and it will still be treated as a claim made “under contract”.

  • All members will now have access to benefits while working under contract, regardless of their age. Previously, coverage ceased at the age of 80, or 70 for members residing outside of Canada.

“The plan under Crawford is working well for most members, but we’ll continue to investigate options that best meet our members’ needs at an affordable premium price,” said Equity Executive Director, Arden R. Ryshpan. “Our insurance plan is intrinsically connected to our members’ work. And with the negotiations for the CTA – our most widely used agreement – just around the corner, it makes sense to see what changes are made at the bargaining table before committing to a new plan long-term.”

Information on the Crawford & Company plan is available on Equity’s website here. An updated FAQ for the members’ insurance plan is available here.

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