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Notice of Bylaw Update - November 2023
At its online meeting on November 27, 2023, Equity Council amended a Bylaw related to the ratification process for the Canadian Theatre Agreement.

Bylaw 155 (A) (iii) was amended to specify that only members who have worked under at least one of the previous two terms of the CTA or ITA would be eligible to ratify a renegotiated CTA. The previous version of the bylaw permitted members who had not worked under the CTA or ITA, but had worked under other theatre agreements or policies, to vote in the ratification of the CTA.

This brings the CTA’s ratification rules closer in line with the ratification rules for all of Equity’s other scale agreements, which limit voting eligibility to members who have worked under the most recent term of each agreement. The amendment maintains a two-term eligibility period for the CTA, in particular consideration of the effect the pandemic has had on work opportunities over the past four years.

Bylaw 155 (C) was deleted. This article established a designated period in which all members could register to be added to the CTA ratification voter list, regardless of whether or not they’ve worked under any agreement or policy. Once again, removing this bylaw brings the CTA ratification process closer in line with the rules for the ratification of other scale agreements.

Equity's Council encourages all members to be familiar with the rules that govern membership in our Association. For copies of Equity's Constitution and Bylaws, please visit www.caea.com or email communications@caea.com for assistance.
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