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Equity Launches Senior Artist Program
SAPig Equity is pleased to announce the launch of a new policy, the Senior Artist Program. Designed to address some of the concerns and challenges that many senior artists face as they continue to pursue their work on stage, the Senior Artist Program offers additional contractual flexibility, making it easier to continue working at their craft.

“Most of us never really retire. Over the years, however, we've heard from senior members that as they get older, opportunities to work and stay creatively engaged certainly change. It’s reassuring to know that under Equity’s new Senior Artist Program, we now have the ability to continue our careers on our own terms,” said Jane Heyman, member of the Senior Artists Committee.

The Senior Artist Program offers three distinct options to encourage greater work opportunities:
  • A Senior Waiver – allowing Senior Artists to work without reference to an Equity contract, so that they may continue to pursue occasional opportunities on projects without the member needing an Equity engagement contract. This option is not available under any negotiated agreements.
  • Prorated Contracts – allowing Senior Artists to work a reduced number of work hours in a week for a similarly prorated fee on projects governed by the CTA or ITA.
  • Contract Sharing – allowing two Senior Artists to share the rehearsal/performances, similarly, sharing the applicable fees. Contract Sharing is available on projects governed by the CTA or ITA as well as the DOT and INDIE engagement policies.
In all instances, it is entirely the right of the artist (or artists) to request access to the Senior Artist Program, and it cannot be initiated by an engager.

For the purposes of determining who is eligible to access the Senior Artist Program, Equity will use the Bylaws’ definition of Senior Artists – members who are performers, stage managers, directors, choreographers, fight directors and intimacy directors at the age of 65; opera singers at the age of 55; and ballet dancers at the age of 45.

The Senior Artist Program is available here.
The Senior Artist Program FAQ is available here
The Senior Artist Program Waiver is available here

Note: As a new formal Program, this will initially be in place for a period of three years, subject to review, amendment, or withdrawal at that time.

Equity would like to thank the members of the Senior Artists Committee for their diligent work in creating this program – Donna Fletcher, Jane Heyman, Peter McGillivray, Nora McLellan, and Allan Teichman.

If you have any questions about the Senior Artist Program, please contact busrep@caea.com.
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