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Equity Submits Brief for Federal Pre-Budget Consultation
Equity has submitted its brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance as part of its annual pre-budget consultations process. These consultations provide Canadians and Canadian organizations an opportunity to convey their priorities for the government’s forthcoming budget.

Equity’s brief focused on six key recommendations:
  • Expand the Employment Insurance program to fully include self-employed workers.
  • Implement a guaranteed minimum income system to help make a career in the arts more sustainable and accessible.
  • Support legislation and funding to update live performance venues across Canada, making them accessible for both audience members and artists with disabilities.
  • Increase the percentage of charitable donation tax credits that may be claimed on a federal tax return, recognizing the importance of donations in supporting live performance arts.
  • Institute a live performance tax credit program to promote the development of commercial Canadian live production and encourage the development of U.S. live production in Canada.
  • Invest in providing affordable housing to artists and other Canadians whose careers cannot sustain the rising costs of living.
“These issues are of paramount importance to our members. Positive change in these areas would have a profound impact, both in increasing work opportunities for artists and in improving their working lives,” said Equity Executive Director, Arden R. Ryshpan. “Negotiating and enforcing collective agreements may be at the core of what we do, but Equity’s advocacy work, influencing governmental policy on behalf of our members, will always be a priority for the Association.”

To read Equity’s entire brief, please click here. For questions, contact communications@caea.com.
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