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Equity Applauds the AFC and Canadian Heritage for their Resilience Fund Support
With the Canada Performing Arts Workers Resilience Fund (CPAWRF) having wrapped up at the end of March, reporting has begun on the programs funded through CPAWRF and their impact on live performance artists across the country.

Equity would like to applaud the AFC and Canadian Heritage for their generous support through this program that ultimately delivered $4.2 million over the past six months in direct financial assistance to 1917 Equity members who applied to the program. Additional members may have also received direct financial support through similar associations funded by CPAWRF, such as the Fondation des Artistes (in Quebec) or the Canadian Dance Assembly.

Since last fall, Equity’s CPAWRF funding allowed the Association to deliver an important short-term mental health and wellness program as well as 15 professional development workshops and seminars that were well attended and greatly reviewed in our feedback surveys. Click here to watch them anytime!

For more information, please contact communications@caea.com.
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