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SMArts 2023 Begins Today – Toronto ON & Virtually

The 25th annual Stage Managing the Arts (SMArts) conference begins today, April 20 (to April 30) in Toronto, Ontario and virtually on Zoom.

Equity is a key SMArts sponsor as part of the Association’s professional development mandate.

SMArts was founded by the late Winston Morgan in 1996. SMArts Executive Director, Janelle Rainville, Conference Associate, Jeff Morris and experts in the field host a series of seminars exploring the many aspects of the craft of stage management. These sessions provide a comfortable environment for new or experienced stage managers to hone their skills.

The Conference is designed for both the experienced stage manager who is looking for diversification within their field and for the student stage manager who wants to know more about their career choice.

The 2023 Conference course schedule is available at the SMArts web site. Enquiries about the conference may be directed to Janelle Rainville (Executive Director) at janelle@stagemanagingthearts.ca.

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