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Celebrate World Theatre Day 2023
WTD On behalf of Equity, we would like to wish all of the wonderful theatre professionals out there a very happy #WorldTheatreDay! As we continue to recognize the vital role that theatre plays in all of our lives and the invaluable contributions that theatre professionals make to our society, Equity is proud to support the creative efforts of live performance artists by seeking to improve their working conditions and work opportunities.

"March 27th is World Theatre Day. As we acknowledge the contributions live theatre has done for our country and world, I would like to take a moment to echo that theatre has the opportunity to show how beautiful and how ugly humanity can be. The art that live theatre creators create is in a way showcasing what true human emotion is, and being able to witness that, no matter the discipline, in a room, filled with people witnessing the same journey, is magical to say the least.

So happy World Theatre Day to every creator out there, no matter if you are still figuring out your art, established in your career, or trying to break down the systemic barriers our theatre industry faces on a daily basis - you are seen, and heard, and I love you all."

George Alevizos
Ontario Councillor

To learn more about how World Theatre Day is celebrated around the globe, visit International Theatre Institute (ITI), World Organization for the Performing Arts. Check out the AFC’s resources and support services for information on crisis intervention, mental health support, income assistance, housing, and food banks by territory here.
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