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Equity’s Short-Term Mental Health & Wellness Program is Closing on March 31, 2023
Equity’s short-term Mental Health & Wellness Program is coming to a close. As of March 31, 2023, the program which offers crisis and counselling support and resources aimed at self-care, healthy habits, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, and creating balance in your life, will no longer be available through Equity.

If you are already registered for counselling sessions that extend beyond March 31, those will continue, but no new services will be offered through this program beyond March 31. If you are looking for support strategies, financial planning or counselling, we encourage you to access the short-term Mental Health & Wellness Program while it is still available.

While our short-term program is coming to an end, Equity wants to ensure members are not left feeling vulnerable. Equity continues to support members’ mental health and wellness with these additional resources:
  • For workplace incidents of harassment, bullying and other forms of inappropriate behaviour, please contact the HAVEN helpline at 1-855-201-7823.
  • For other forms of support and strategies for work-life balance, please visit the original LifeWorks platform here.
  • For Equity’s list of mental health and wellness resources, please visit our website.
  • For all other inquiries, please contact info@caea.com.
Please note: If you registered for the online support services offered through the short-term Mental Health & Wellness Program, you will need to reregister on the LifeWorks platform. The login portal is not the same.
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