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Equity Announces The Member Guide to Respectful Workplace
BHM Equity is proud to announce the release of The Member Guide to Respectful Workplaces, a comprehensive and accessible introduction to all of the resources available through Equity for fostering safe and respectful workplaces – making it easier for artists to understand their rights and where to go for support.

Developed by Equity Council’s Safe and Respectful Task Force, the Guide details responsibilities, preventive measures, resolutions and resources to help inform, empower, and support artists, and encourage a workplace free from harm and all forms of inappropriate behaviour.

“We’re thrilled this Member Guide is finally ready to share. Driven by member experiences and feedback since the 2017 launch of Not in OUR Space!, this guide is the product of many months’ collaboration by Equity members and staff: for all of us -- by all of us,” said Jane Heyman, co-Chair of the Safe and Respectful Task Force. "We hope it provides the tools we need to create and maintain safe and secure workplaces where we can do our best work. As with all live performance -- it’s a work in progress. Read it, use it, tell us what works and what’s missing. We look forward to hearing from you.”

Equity would like to thank all of the members of the Safe and Respectful Task Force for their valuable contributions to the Guide: Jane Heyman and Steven Sobolewski (co-chairs), Deena Aziz, Karen Bassett, Maev Beaty, Jethelo Cabilete, Alexis Gordon, Catriona Leger, Nora McLellan, Vanessa Porteous, Allan Teichman, and Jennifer Wigmore.

Available online, the Guide marks one of several amendments Equity is undertaking to revise and update its anti-harassment and disciplinary policies and materials, making them more streamlined and accessible for ease of use.

We encourage you to share any questions or comments about the Guide at communications@caea.com.
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