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Notice of Bylaw Update – October 2022
At its online meeting on October 31, 2022, Council amended Bylaw 39 and 40. These amendments came at the recommendation of a Council working group recently struck to consider the qualification requirements for dues remission under Equity’s Constitution & Bylaws.

“Dues Remission was originally designed by Council to be a privilege, awarded to individuals in recognition of their longevity in our industry and longstanding commitment to their Association as dues paying members of Equity,” said Council President Scott Bellis. “We believe these amendments make dues remission more accessible while still remaining true to the original intent of the Bylaw.”

Bylaw 39 was amended to include sub-articles that clarify the qualification requirements for dues remission and set out conditions for members who have been in arrears multiple times during the ten years prior to their eligibility to still qualify at an adjusted date.

Bylaw 40 was amended to clarify the circumstances for notifying a member of their eligibility for dues remission.

If you are a member who believes you may qualify for dues remission under the amended terms, please contact membership@caea.com to apply.

Equity's Council encourages all members to be familiar with the rules that govern membership in our Association. For copies of Equity's Constitution and Bylaws, please visit www.caea.com or email info@caea.com for assistance.
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