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World Opera Day
RWP October 25th is World Opera Day! We thank all of the wonderful opera performers out there for the joy they bring to audiences, and for their exceptional artistry and dedication.

In celebration of this year’s Opera Day, we’ve invited Equity Western Opera Councillor Rebecca Collett and Eastern Opera Councillor Gene Wu to share a few words on what this day means to them.

"I love opera because it brings together music, theatre, visual art, and dance to express the human emotional experience. Sometimes the stories are simple or even silly, but the emotions are big and raw.

I was a French Horn-playing teen who had never been to an opera. Thought I'd give Wagner a try— I figured it would be like attending the symphony with some incidental singing. When the Valkyries started tossing bodies around Valhalla I was hooked. I stopped practicing my horn and started studying singing."

Rebecca Collett,
Equity Western Opera Councillor

"After a tumultuous couple of years, it brings me joy to see full seasons of in-person opera coming back to stages around the country. Opera has been a part of my life for over 20(!) years, and I've been fortunate to be able to tell so many amazing stories through music across Canada. It's an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. To all those who bring the opera to the stage, from the singers to the orchestra, stage management, crew, front of house staff, administration, and of course, the audience (sorry if I missed anyone), I wish you all a Happy World Opera Day. In bocca al lupo!"

Gene Wu,
Equity Eastern Opera Councillor
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