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Equity Celebrates International Stage Management Day!
RWP Happy International Stage Management Day! Today we recognize and applaud the incredible work of our unsung heroes behind the scenes.

To celebrate this year’s International Stage Management Day, we’ve invited Equity Secretary/Treasurer and Stage Management Councillor Erin Valentine to share a few words on what this day means to her.

When I first started stage managing it was like I fell through a rabbit hole into a whole other world: a world of excitement, passion, storytelling, community, and loving the process as much as the product. Being a stage manager has shaped every part of who I am. It’s made me a stronger listener, a more confident leader, a more empathetic person (and a lot more organized, too). The care shown by my fellow stage managers – towards the work, the art, and most importantly, the people – has been an inspiration throughout my career and I am so grateful for such a dedicated, resourceful, and supportive group of colleagues, mentors, and friends.

So, a very happy International Stage Management Day to everyone writing blocking, calling cues, hitting send on the daily schedule, and everything in between. You are seen and appreciated, and it’s an honour to represent and celebrate you!

Erin Valentine,
Equity Secretary/Treasurer and Stage Management Councillor

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