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Equity Celebrates International Dance Day

Even before they can walk, babies will move in time to music. At some point, each of us has swayed, shimmied, or spun with wild abandon to the music around us or the beat in our heads. Expressing ourselves through our bodies is part of what it means to be human. Canada has a great history of producing great dancers and choreographers who have been recognized internationally as well as at home, for their contribution to the world of dance. Whether performing in a musical, a contemporary piece, or in a work of classical ballet, our dancers are great ambassadors of the art form.

Today, on International Dance Day, we recognize and celebrate those who have chosen to make dance their profession. We salute them for their extraordinary dedication and their exceptional artistry, and we thank them for the joy they bring to audiences around the world.

And to everyone else, we encourage you to, as the saying goes, dance like no one is watching.

To learn more about how International Dance Day is celebrated around the world, visit International Theatre Institute (ITI), World Organization for the Performing Arts.
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