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Equity Staffing Update
While Equity’s staff is still not at the full complement it was at before the pandemic, we are pleased to announce a return to full-time hours for everyone on the Association’s staff.

“We have been very cautious and judicious in making any staffing decisions in careful consideration of the Association’s finances, the significant deficits we have run over the past two years, and our expectation that revenue will continue to be substantially lower than pre-pandemic levels in the current fiscal year,” said Equity Executive Director, Arden R. Ryshpan. “But the industry certainly seems to be in recovery, and although we are seeing a trend towards smaller productions right now, the number of projects continues to grow at a steady pace, and with it, the administrative needs in serving our working members.”

At this point, Equity’s physical office remains closed to the public and the staff continues to work remotely and on site, on a rotating basis. Equity’s management are monitoring the ever-evolving situation to determine a date for reopening the office to the public.

Please contact us with any questions.
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