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Bylaw update – October 2021
Equity's Council encourages all members to be familiar with the rules that govern membership in our Association. Electronic copies of the current Constitution and Bylaws are available on www.caea.com. Hard copies of the Constitution and Bylaws are available upon request to the National Office at info@caea.com.

At its online meetings October 24-25, 2021, Council made a number of amendments to the Association's Bylaws in addition to adopting a new Bylaw and glossary. These amendments came at the recommendation of the Council Complaints and Disciplinary Process Task Force in order to help ensure an accessible, efficient, and fair formal Complaint Process.

Bylaw 35. This Bylaw was amended to re-introduce common terminology regarding the definition of a work environment. Further, it introduces a reference to the new definition of racial or cultural discrimination (replacing racism), and was amended to more closely reference other new definitions.

Bylaw 36.1 and 36.2 NEW. These Bylaws were added to ensure that particulars of the formal complaint will be kept confidential to the extent possible by all parties involved and that the Complainant, the Respondent, and any witnesses will not discuss the incident, complaint, or the investigation with one another.

Bylaw 43. This Bylaw was amended to remove all deadlines for bringing forward a formal complaint against a member under Article 35(i) discrimination (including racial or cultural discrimination), harassment (including bullying or sexual harassment), or violence in the workplace and (ii) abuse of position of power or perceived position of power in the workplace.

Bylaw 54. This Bylaw was amended to clarify what should be included in a response by the Respondent in a formal complaint and extend the timeline.

Bylaw 60. This Bylaw was amended to clarify that only relevant witnesses may be questioned during the investigation or hearing of a formal complaint.

Definitions. Bylaw 1.1(i) through (viii) NEW. A glossary of terms relating to the disciplinary and complaints process was adopted and added to the Bylaws. The terms clearly define Abuse of Position of Power or Perceived Position of Power, Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment, Racial or Cultural Discrimination, Reprisal, Sexual Harassment, and Unprofessional Conduct.

In addition, Equity’s Complaint and Discipline guide is in the process of being updated to reflect the amendments to the Bylaws.

For further information, or for copies of Equity's Constitution and Bylaws, please visit www.caea.com or email info@caea.com for assistance.

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