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Advocacy Alert: Arts & Culture Platforms for Federal Election 2021
The election is now only days away. Equity encourages all members to be informed about the parties’ platforms on arts and culture before they vote. These promises will shape the work life of artists in our sector for the next term of government.

Equity, along with our Creative Industries Coalition partners IATSE, the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) and the Associated Designers of Canada (ADC), collectively represent over 50,000 Canadians working in film, television and live performance. Our coalition recently sent a number of relevant questions to all of the major federal parties asking them to respond during the election period.

Here are the responses received to date:
• The Bloc Québécois: Response
• The Conservative Party: Response
• The Green Party: Response
• The Liberal Party: Response
• The New Democratic Party: Response

Read the party platforms

Each political party has a vision and set of priorities for the arts, culture, heritage and live performance sectors. Consider the parties' promises as well as past performance when marking your ballot.

• The Bloc Québécois: Platforme politique
• The Conservative Party: Secure the Future. Canada's Recovery Plan
• The Green Party: Platform 2021. Be Daring
• The Liberal Party: Forward. For Everyone
• The New Democratic Party: Ready for Better

Voting Info
Who are the candidates in your riding, plus where, when, and the ways to vote? Consult Elections Canada’s Voter's Checklist


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