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Equity's Position on COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in the Workplace
covid vaccine image Since COVID-19 vaccines became available, Equity's position has been and remains that all members should be vaccinated to ensure that the live performance industry returns to stability, except for those who have a verifiable medication condition or religious exemption based on a prohibited ground in human rights legislation.

Engagers have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe workplace which may include requirements for staff, artists, stage technicians and/or volunteers, to be fully vaccinated in order to enter their premise. Equity supports an engager's right to mandate workplace vaccinations as an onsite health and safety measure. We will not interfere with this management right.

Members with a bona fide need for a medical accommodation should be prepared to provide a doctor's note or to present necessary paperwork to the engager in the case of a religious exemption based on a prohibited ground in human rights legislation.

Equity will attempt to work with both members and engagers regarding accommodations (if necessary), wherever possible. Such accommodations could include mask wearing indoors and/or regular testing for COVID-19, as the engager determines.

The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and Equity are currently in discussions regarding issuing a shared announcement in the coming days about mandatory vaccinations protecting all theatre workers, on- and off-stage.

As always, any member with questions regarding accommodations and vaccinations should contact a Business Representative at busrep@caea.com.
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