Mental Health & Wellness Survey


The Mental Health and Wellness Survey - NOW CLOSED

Mental Health and Wellness Survey

The survey closed on December 2, 2019. Thank you to all who helped encourage their colleagues to participate, and to everyone who took the survey - resulting in a 38% response rate.

Equity’s Mental Health & Wellness Survey is taking place from November 11-30 (extended to December 2, 12pm ET), and members will have the opportunity to speak their minds on mental health issues relating to live performance work on and offstage, insurance coverage and more. Your voice is important in this initiative to help Equity establish support strategies for artists to sustain healthy lives in healthy careers. More information is available in the Fall 2019 issue of EQ Magazine and in the Survey FAQ sheet.

All Regular, Extended Visa and Life members of Equity (including members on dues remission), in good standing, have been invited to participate. While participation is not mandatory, Equity members are strongly encouraged to take part. Data gathered through this survey will help Equity establish support strategies for artists to sustain healthy lives in healthy careers. It will also be a powerful tool for insurance planning.


Please note: This Mental Health & Wellness Survey includes questions that may elicit strong emotions, or challenging thoughts or memories. Click here for referrals to resources and support at any time. You can step away from the Mental Health & Wellness Survey at any point if you feel the need, and return to it when you feel ready to continue. You may come back to the Survey as many times as you need.


Past Initiatives

On November 27, 2018, Matthew Eldridge (MSW, RSW), Clinic Coordinator for the The Al and Malka Green Artists’ Health Centre, was invited to Equity Council to present and moderate an Education Session surrounding Mental Health in the workplace. The session was recorded and edited into five parts which are available for viewing below.

Please note: Equity has shared these video resources for the convenience of members. Information therein is not intended to be a substitute for information provided in a professional counselling situation. Equity has prepared a list of regional support services now available on its website. The services identified in this resource document are provided for member benefit and are not endorsed by Equity.

Part 1/5: Vulnerability of Live Performance Professionals

Part 2/5: The Show Must Go On

Part 3/5: The Importance of Validation

Part 4/5: Opposing Power Through Collective Action

Part 5/5: Ideas for Member Support