Alberta South

Alberta South Electoral Region

Alberta South comprises that part of Alberta South of the boundary outlined in the NWT and Alberta North region. The Alberta South region will acclaim Valerie Planche as its sole Council candidate for the 2018-2021 term. An election will therefore not take place in this region..

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    Valerie Planche (Acclaimed)

    Valerie Planche (Acclaimed)

    Valerie Planche (Acclaimed)

    My name is Valerie Planche and I am a 30 year Equity member running for Council in Alberta South.  I identify as she/her and I am mixed race, Metis. I have been in this community for 28 years and I have seen its evolution to a thriving, vibrant community and back again to one that is now struggling.  

    I am running for Council because I care, and I want to offer what support I can.

    Issues I’m passionate about:

    • I continue to be part of a collective (CART) in Calgary that has been working with issues of consent and respect within the theatre community. 
    • Stewarding change takes strong resolve. Council needs to reflect, include and engage the diversity that surrounds us, building and ensuring equal opportunity and representation for that diversity.  Accountability in bringing these voices to the table is my aim.
    • Governance is also a challenge as PACT and Equity restructure themselves for the new era.  Are our current systems working for us? I will work to research governance policies and to help Equity adapt to the changing needs of our membership. Transparency and accountability are important to me. 

    I will listen, and I will help look for solutions.  I offer communication, generosity, tenacity and a commitment to keeping our community vibrant and engaged.