Eastern Opera

Eastern Opera Electoral Region

The Eastern Opera region comprises the area of Canada East of Alberta. The Eastern Opera region will acclaim Van Abrahams and Peter McGillivray as its two Council candidates for the 2018-2021 term. An election will therefore not take place in the Eastern Opera region. 

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    Van Abrahams (Acclaimed)

    Van Abrahams (Acclaimed)

    Van Abrahams (Acclaimed)

    Hi! My name is Van, and I’ve been an Equity member since 1993. During that time, I’ve been a part of several committees, including the team that negotiated the current agreement with the Canadian Opera Company and the Western Opera companies.

    When I was asked to run, I was told “inclusivity” was the theme of this year’s election, and I knew I had to throw my name into the fray. My goal is not to rock the boat, but to ensure opera is for all and to help create a solid foundation to keep our art long-lasting and vibrant.

    Bonjour! Je m’appelle Van et je suis membre depuis 1993. Au cours de cette période, j’ai fait partie de plusieurs comités, y compris l’équipe qui a négocié l’accord actuel avec le COC et les sociétés de L’Ouest.

    Quand on m’a demandé de se présenter aux élections, on m’a dit que “l’inclusion” était le thème de l’élection de cette année et je savais que je devais jeter mon nom dans la mêlée. Mon but n’est pas de faire des vagues, mais de veiller à ce que l’opéra soit pour tous et à créer des bases solides pour que notre art soit durable et dynamique.

    Elect me for Eastern Opera Council, and let’s make opera great again!


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    Peter McGillivray (Acclaimed)

    Peter McGillivray (Acclaimed)

    Peter McGillivray (Acclaimed)

    I’m celebrating my 15th anniversary as an Equity member, joining the Canadian Opera Company’s Chorus & Ensemble straight out of Opera School. Since then, I’ve built a career as a soloist, having performed in multiple productions with almost every opera company in Equity’s jurisdiction (though I never looked good in baroque tights) and with countless orchestras and festivals across Canada. I’ve worked under every condition and agreement possible and built friendships with colleagues across the country. I hope to bring that knowledge and experience to the Council, committee, and bargaining tables.

    Over the past Council term, I’ve learned much about Equity’s governance process and practices, liaised with members and staff, learned how best to run committees and how to read and interpret the myriad monitoring and evaluations that help Equity achieve the organizational results we set out in our policies. I was honoured to join Council’s executive this year as First Vice-President, deepening my engagement with our organization’s governance. Should I be re-elected, my priorities for next term would include working on issues surrounding artists’ mental health, supports for senior artists, casting diversity, making sure the DOT Policy works for members, and continuing to be a strong voice for all opera members.