Eastern Ontario / Outaouais

Eastern Ontario / Outaouais Electoral Region

The Eastern Ontario/Outaouais region comprises the area east of Highway 41 (in Ontario), and Outaouais (in Quebec). The Eastern Ontario/Outaouais region will acclaim Catriona Leger as its sole Council candidate for the 2018-2021 term. An election will therefore not take place in this region.

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    Catriona Leger (Acclaimed)

    Catriona Leger (Acclaimed)

    Catriona Leger (Acclaimed)

    I have been an Actor and Director for more than 20 years, and I have been a member of Equity for 17 of those years. Having lived and worked in various regions across Canada, I am now based in Ottawa and am seeking to represent the membership of Eastern Ontario and Outaouais for a second term.

    Over the past three years as regional Councillor, I have learned how policy governance works, become familiar with bylaws and agreements, and sat on three active committees, including the Safe and Respectful Workplaces Task Force (Not In OUR Space! campaign), Directors, Choreographers and Fight Directors Committee, and Benefits, Fundraisers and  Awards Events Research Group. Running for re-election is an opportunity for me to further understand how the association works for the membership and to strengthen the agreements that protect Equity members.

    As an Actor, Director, and Producer, I understand the need to balance the realities faced by producing companies with the need to make a living as working artists, ensuring safe and respectful workplaces, regardless of budget size. 

    I love being part of the Eastern Ontario and Outaouais artistic community, and it would be an honour to continue to represent our region on Equity Council.